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Windsor Education Foundation

Windsor Education Foundation encourages community support for excellence in public education and provides funding for innovative projects and programs.


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The Windsor Education Foundation, a non-profit Windsor organization, awards teachers grants of up to $1,500 each year.

Grant applications are available in September and are accepted through mid-December. Grants are awarded in January.

The Grant Review Committee generally looks for a variety of proposals from all grade levels and schools that:
  • Are consistent with the Windsor Board of Education district and school goals

  • Impact students with varying learning abilities

  • Fall outside the regular operating budget

  • Will ultimately impact/benefit a large number of individuals; in other words, the impact of the grant is not a one-time benefit to a single group of students, but may benefit additional students long term.

  • Encourage professional collaboration.

  • Promote school and community communication.

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Windsor Board of Education Goals
Grants are given for creative and innovative projects that are aligned with the Board of Education Mission and Goals. Click the link below to review those goals.

2017 Grant Application
The application period has ended.

Read the grant reports and view photos from past grant awarded projects

For Grant Recipients:
In accepting the Windsor Education Foundation's grant award, you agree to provide a project report for the Foundation's review. The report will be submitted at the conclusion of your project or by September 30th at the latest and will include:

· A summary of the project including an indication of the number of students impacted and the ways in which their learning was enhanced by the grant.
· An assessment of the project's success based on the evaluation procedures described in my grant application.
· If at all possible, pictures (with releases) and/or any other visual representation of the students' involvement or products.

Failure to submit a summary report will result in ineligibility for future Foundation grants.


Thank you for supporting the Windsor Education Foundation.